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There is a false notion that the city is killing a sense of nature. I think opposite the city brings up a natural feeling and if we call the earth the mother, then the city is the teacher and educator of this feeling for the mother earth.

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I could prove this historically by following, for example, in painting, as there was an interest in an intimate landscape with the development of the life of big cities, but somehow it’s easier to talk about my own experience.

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In the early spring I felt such a strong desire to wander that I became sick and unable to work. If I had wings, I would have flown away with the birds, if I had the means, I would have gone to open then still undiscovered poles, if I had special knowledge I would have joined the scientific expedition.

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But not to mention the wings, I had neither the money nor the useful specialty. I had to fight a lot of life until finally I was in control of myself and first learned to travel without money and then fly without wings.

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Sometimes you tell about something in society, and so it is surprising.

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Since then, I have not missed a single spring, and all the springs were just as different.

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All ordinary trips have the same relation to my trip.

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Of course, nothing comes out without risk, and my journey without money is also a risky venture.


And then what only happened during this animal dream.

I had to spend the night in a boat and under a boat and in the sand under a sail, and once even grab my leg through the hole in the sail of the black grouse on me.

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When you sleep and at the same time you know everything that is happening around you. But I never cared to collect materials for the story.

Never would I have come out of such a journey anything good because it would not be free then.

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It is difficult to travel this way but what to do.

If life had to be repeated, I certainly would have become a local historian, but not as scholars are.

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Or encyclopedists yet, to see the face of the edge.

Many people think this prejudice is widespread that if you study in all respects and add up this knowledge, you will get a complete picture of this or that corner of the globe.

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But I think that it is just as impossible to combine these different knowledge and get the face of the edge out of them as it is to cook in a flask from the constituent elements of a living person. No matter how much you study and how much you accumulate the knowledge gained, and yet there will certainly be places left to fill with life that only a simpleton can be filled with.

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With such clarified consciousness I enter the parent meeting. I was here last year, and it’s hard to tell what in one year only two energetic teachers could do. In the hall, which was hung with diagrams by the students' work, they sat tightly together at a table.

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